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Why Choose Maxwell Street?

  • Experience: The band was formed in 1983 and we have performed over 4,500 celebrations and concerts.

  • Authenticity: We study from original klezmer recordings, not just music books.

  • Versatility: A variety of musical styles will keep the party hopping and appeal to everyone in the room.

  • Enthusiasm: Are you looking for the real spirit of a Jewish celebration? We know how Jewish music feels, not just how it sounds.

  • Reputation: Since 1983 we have built a reputation for the highest level of musicianship and superb customer service.

  • Flexibility: We will work with you to help you put together the ideal band and repertoire for your simcha/celebration/party/event.

  • Professionalism: We are dedicated to giving you a flawless party with the highest level of musicianship.

Prospective clients ask us:
  • What will a klezmer band do for my party?
    After your wedding ceremony or Bar/Bat Mitzvah service, why let the warm glow disappear when the doors of the ballroom open? Maxwell Streets creates an atmosphere of joy from deep In the Jewish soul that appeals to people from diverse backgrounds. We're not just another DJ playing Hava Nagila--you'll recognize the real thing when you hear it!

  • What if my guests don't know Jewish dances?
    Our band includes dance leaders who reach out to guests and bring them into the circle in a natural, easy-to-follow way.

  • Will it be too loud?
    Because we play acoustic music, we can adjust the volume of the band to the level you need--from rousing horas to discreet dinner music.

  • What do you play besides Jewish music?
    Our musicians have a high level of expertise in klezmer, Yiddish, Israeli, and Sephardic music that is matched by their familiarity with all the popular dance styles. You can look forward to a varied repertoire that includes:

    • Classical Selections

    • Big Band Standards and Jazz

    • Broadway

    • Classic Rock 'n' Roll

    • Motown

    • Salsa

    • Reggae

    • Gypsy

    • Russian

    • Irish

    • Italian

    • Polish

    • Greek

    • Viennese Waltzes, etc.

    And if you have a special song you'd like us to play, we have an arranger on staff to make your desire a reality!

  • What kind of music do you play, then?
    Happy music. Toe-tapping music. Music to smile at, to dance to...Jewish music!

  • Do you have to be Jewish to like klezmer music?
    Do you have to be Italian to like pizza? Klezmer music is fun - and fun is international.

  • Do you play horas?
    Do we play horas! Of every kind! And waltzes, polkas, freilachs and shereles too.

  • How about a foxtrot, a two-step or maybe some swing?
    We're right at home. And by the way, jazzy music from Yiddish theatre is a specialty of ours. And we even sing, too - not just in English, but in Yiddish and in Hebrew and Russian.

  • What if my needs are a little different?
    No problem. We can put on a show, or just play quietly while you eat. We lead adults or kids in dances, give educational programs, or MC, as you like. We'd be happy to meet with you to help you plan your event step by step.

  • Can the band perform for a small party?
    Of course. We can provide a smaller ensemble. 

  • How many musicians will I need?
    After we have discussed your party with you, we'll suggest the right number of musicians to give you the music you desire. From a background quartet to a full-sized dance orchestra, we tailor the band size to the special needs of your affair.

  • I don't know how to plan a party. Do you?
    We will provide in-depth consultation and planning with your bandleader and who will MC and run your party. We will attend to children's needs as well as respect the tastes and desires of your adult guests.

  • Before I commit myself, where can I hear you?

       Of course, enjoy the video below! If you need more samples, let us know. 

  • Can I afford you?

       We provide music at a price to fit every budget. You'll call, we'll talk!

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