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Our exceptional Danceleaders help your guests join in the fun of Israeli and Klezmer dancing.

At a Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Wedding, one of the joys of honoring the Bride and Groom is to dance.


From traditional Jewish wedding dances to easy communal dances that involve people of all ages, Maxwell Street jumps in to include your guests (of all ages and backgrounds) in the fun.

In addition to your singer/MC leading your guests, you have the option of adding an experienced professional who specializes in Jewish dance.


Among our dance-leaders, we have an exclusive relationship with Klezmer Dance Master Steve Weintraub, who has worked with Maxwell Street since 2003, and teaches at festivals in New York and Europe.

Some traditional wedding dances that we like to lead and perform include the Krenzel Tanz (a dance honoring the parents of the last child to be married), and Keytzad M'rakdin ("Entertaining" the Bride and Groom, which can include "the Bottle Dance").

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