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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Raves

10.15.2022.Ariella Davis Bat M.jpg

"Ariella's Bat Mitzvah was everything we had hoped for!  Much credit goes to the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band for making the evening the joyful success it was.  Bibi was masterful in engaging the children, to the delight of the kids and the grown ups.  Getting everyone up and dancing after the montage was miraculous!  and it kept going and going.  Thank you for your work, craft and ruach (spirit)."
- Rabbi M. Davis


"Klezmer never sounded so good! The sound was full, but not overpowering. It was just at the right volume level. People seemed to enjoy the mix of standards and ethnic music. The musicians added their own personality and joy to the mood. I couldn't be happier with having used them and will recommend them for other occasions. The music was perfect!"
- Heidi S.
Mother of the Bat-Mitzvah girl

"The Maxwell Street musicians made our Bar Mitzvah party a real celebration. From adults to kids - everyone loved the Klezmer music as we danced, sang and enjoyed the lively, beautiful music. I believe having live music, with Jewish themes really ties in with the whole idea of a Bar Mitzvah celebration - so much better than recorded music and using DJs. The musicians were talented professionals who worked well together and with our guests. Thank you so very much and we will be calling you again for our next Simcha."
- Susan and Steve V.
Parents of the Bar-Mitzvah boy


"It was spectacular! And I really mean it. You all were so outstanding I can’t even begin to tell you. Maxwell Street WAY exceeded my dreams for the event, and I already had high expectations!!!"
- Billy K.
Father of the Bat-Mitzvah girl


"We LOVED everything about the party--and we got so much positive feedback from our guests! I was so happy with how everything went." 
- Naomi S.
Mother of the Bar-Mitzvah boy


"I write to thank you once again for your remarkable gift of inspired and inspirational performance. Our family, our synagogue, and the Jewish community of South Bend will long remember the excitement and pleasure engendered by your music, song, and dance. What an ineffable sensation of joy at the close of a wonderful day of celebration in honor of Elena! You will be in our hearts and thoughts for a long time to come; indeed for as long as we live. Thank you!"
- Lionel J.
Father of the Bat-Mitzvah girl

"I just wanted to let you know that Jay's party was a smashing success! Everyone loved the band. We got an unbelievable number of compliments. From the older generation: they were so pleased that the sound level was conversation-friendly and they were especially delighted to see the young people dancing with the older folks. From my 10-year-old daughter: "This was more fun than a DJ." Bibi was lovely, Steve was so playful and fun AND the entire band was first-rate. Of course, the best comment of all (one we heard over and over) was, "this is what a Bar Mitzvah should be." We're still beaming. Thank you for making it easy, heimish, and fun!"
- Nancy F.
Mother of the Bar-Mitzvah boy

"I would like to thank you and the rest of the Maxwell Street Band for doing such a wonderful job on Saturday. Everybody had a fantastic time
thanks to YOU. You were terrific."
- Jonina L.
Mother of the Bar-Mitzvah boy

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