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The band's very first recording is its folkiest, and includes energetic freylechs (klezmer dances), and Russian features like "Moscow Nights" amd the zamy Spike Jones parody of "Ochi Chorniye" (Dark Eyes) called "Hotcha Cornia."

Maxwell Street Days
(Released: 1985 and 2013)

Sweet Early Years
(Released: 1992, 2000

and 2013)

Maxwell Street's second recording includes Yiddish favorites such as  "Abi Gezunt!" (Be Healthy!), Papirosn, the Hanukkah song "Ocho Kandelikas," as well as violinist Alex Koffman singing the plaintive song "Zisse Kinder Yorn" (Sweet years of Childhood) which gives the album its name.

The band's mature, more classically-influenced aspect is on display in original compositions like "Leah's Saraband" and "Klezmer Rhapsody" featuring Alex Koffman on violin;  the mirthful "Galitzianer vs Litvak;" 

Yiddish favorites "Chusn-Kalleh Mazl Tov," "Chiribim Chiribom," a moving Ghetto Tango, "Friling," and plenty of foot-stomping freylechs.


"These are fine musicians...they care about the music.  And when they care--I care."
-Theo Bikel, Actor and Folk Singer

Old Roots New World
(Released: 2002)

You Should Be So Lucky!
(Released: 1996)

From the Barry Sisters' "Hopkele" to "A Yiddish Mama" to "Sheyn vi di Levoneh" (not to mention a rollicking klezmer-classical mash-up), "Lucky" energizes and entertains from start to finish.  This album the vocals of a star of Joel Gray's "Yiddish Fiddler" on Broadway, Lisa Fishman.

Enjoy a klezmer-folky-funky fusion of original music, for Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays, created in collaboration between Maxwell Street and famed folk-rock singer Rabbi Joe Black.  From a Dixieland-inflected "Eight Nights of Joy" to an Elvis Presley tribute, "Build a Sukkah," this fun-filled album will keep the whole family entertained for Hanukkah and through the year.  

Click here to read liner notes for 8 Nights of Joy

Eight Nights of Joy

Arik Luck is... Moyshe Oysher
(Released: 2010)

In collaboration with Cantor Arik Luck, Maxwell Street recreates some of the best-loved vocals of the legendary Moishe Oysher in this celebration of all things cantorial and theatrical, and a story of an immigrant who rises to become a Yiddish star of stage and screen in America.


The songs included are:

1. Zol Zayn Gelebt
2. Serba
3. Russian Sher
4. Lebedik un Freilech
5. Odessa Bulgar
6. Freilechs Fun der Chupeh
7. Mazel Tov, Mechutonim
8. Kolomeike
9. The Matzorena
10. Freitog Nokh'n Tzimis

The three books included in this set are:

1. Piano/Violin/Flute (Example from violin)
2. Clarinet/Sax/Trumpet
3. Bass & Chords(Piano/Guitar)/Trombone

Plus the practice CD.

The Joy of Klez
10 Klezmer classics arranged for bands. $46 for the set of three books, including the practice CD.

The Review from the Ari Davidov's Klezmershack
The first book is actually a series of books, and it answers one of the most common question I get asked by people interested in starting a klezmer band: "Where do I get arrangements?" Well, from Tara Music, where you can get the largest selection of Jewish music overall, and now you can get this exquisite collection. It's put together by the fine folks at Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, in whichever parts you want: the score, the bass/trombone parts, the piano/violin/flute parts, or the clarinet/sax/trumpet parts.


These books are ideal for anyone starting a band: Junior Klezmer Orchestras, synagogue klezmer bands, or even starting out with some friends and some enthusiasm--all are going to benefit from these books. The "score," the main fake book, also comes with a CD so you can hear how the arrangements sound. The tunes were originally recorded in the first golden age of American klezmer music, 1910-1940. As one would expect from books produced by Tara, the printing and typography are clear and impeccable.

Eight Nights of Joy (30 seconds)

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