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Maxwell Street Klezmer Band
Wedding Menu 2024-2025

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Five-Star Wedding Package

Ceremony Quartet 

Cocktails: Jazz or Klezmer-Gypsy Quartet

Reception (3.5 Hours):

Twelve-piece Dance Band for 3 ½ Hours

(including Rock Guitarist-Singer and Male and Female R&B/Motown Singers)



Classic Wedding Package

Ceremony: Traditional Trio (Violin, Clarinet, Piano/Keyboard)

Cocktails: Jazz or Klezmer-Gypsy Trio

Reception: Ten-piece Dance Band including Rock Guitarist-Singer for 3 ½ Hours



Simple Elegance Ensemble

Ceremony: Romantic Trio (Violin, Clarinet, Piano/Keyboard)

Cocktail Music: Classical/Gypsy or Jazz Duet

Reception: Nine-Piece Dance Band (including Rock Guitarist-Singer or Jazz Sax)

for 3 ½ hours



No-Frills Package

Ceremony: Romantic Duet (Violin and Piano/Keyboard)

Cocktail Music: Classical/Gypsy or Jazz Duet

Reception: Eight-Piece Dance Band (Jewish and Swing Music) for 3 hours



Prices are all-inclusive except for staff meals and the cost of parking.  Prices include one in-person or Zoom meeting with the bandleader.*  

Customize your package:

Add a trio for your pre-ceremony (Badeken): $425

Add colorful lights to your dance floor: $75

Add an hour of recorded music (our engineer plays your Spotify list): $100

Add a professional sound system at your ceremony for the use of clergy: $225

Add another instrument or a dance leader: $490

*Charges not included:

  • Additional sound engineer for difficult venues (no elevators, etc.): $300

  • The dance band learns a special song not in their repertoire: $300

  • Additional in-person meetings with the bandleader: $150 per meeting

  • Walk-through of venue with bandleader: $150

Please call or email us to further customize the band to meet your needs.


Contact (847) 675-4800 |

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